A Personal Review of Thompson Tee and Sweatshield Undershirts

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2 x Products reviewed. I have no commercial link to either company, this is my own personal review. I am not willing to go public, let’s just say I am a 49 year old male who lives in the UK.

Firstly let me start by saying that finding these shirts was a miracle for me. I have tried everything to ‘cure’ hyperhidrosis and there is no cure. You have to learn to manage it. For me I suffer from overheating which 99% of the time involves ‘wet’ underarms. There is no rhyme nor reason as to when they get wet. It can be mid-winter or mid-summer. Also wearing a suit can be a nightmare as my underarms overheat as they cannot breath.



Bought a 5 pack, mixture of V neck and round neck

Thompson T


Bought 5 x slim fit and V neck only

Let me get straight to the end 1st and work backwards. Thompson Tee are better but for me nearly twice the price, are they worth twice the price, in my opinion yes and let me explain why.

As my intro says this has been a long term issue for me. Changed to a very good job about 2 years ago where at times I have to wear a suit jacket all day. I hate that as I have damp arm pits all day. Looked again at many solutions including surgery, can’t remember why or how but came across sweat resistant T shirts.

I had no idea if they would work so initially looking at cost I went with Sweatshield, buying a combination of round and V neck. After about a month of use I realised that they were very, very good and did solve the problem of sweat stains on work shirts.

Each to their own but I realsied I had made one mistake. I had bought mostly round neck. Often in work I don’t’ have to wear a tie and I didn’t like the T shirt showing. I decided I wanted V necks. I also decided to invest in what I read were the best, Thompson Tee.

Here lies a problem for Thompson, they do not sell in the UK. For the UK they wanted $60 to ship. That’s a lot of postage. With some help here I used https://www.viabox.com/ and reduced that to $25. However on arrival in the UK I got hit with a £35 import/Vat bill. Got 15% of for a 1st purchase but all in all Thompson cost me twice the price of Sweatshield. I have spoken to Thompson via Twitter and they say they will have a UK distribution channel soon(March 2016 this was still months away-Jan 17, scroll down to see change. Thompson Tee now available in UK via Amazon)

Key differences

Photo shows, Sweatshield are longer, too long. I would say both are a little too long, lot to pack in a suit trouser along with a shirt.

The big difference is underarm. Sweatshield feel much bulkier, they feel like a nappy under your arm. Thompson feels much neater under the arm. If Thompson get a UK distribution arm I will most likely throw my Sweatshield out and get another 5 x Thompsons.

That said I have tested both under very bad conditions and neither let through a drop of sweat.

Some final thoughts

  • Even though both are an additional shirt under other clothes they have no caused me to feel ‘extra’ hot. The slim fit from Thompson did feel much neater.
  • I was in Spain recently in business. For the 1st time in 25 years I could go out for dinner in chinos and a light blue work shirts. It felt lovely.
  • Don’t be put off by what I said about Sweatshield, if budget is an issue then go with them. They do work.

I hope this helps people, feel free to ask questions.

January 2017

Great news Thompson Tees now on Amazon Uk. Still prefer the slim fit, v neck bamboo shirts a size smaller than I normally wear (I’m a large, I buy medium). I had to learn this from importing at cost from America. If UK based you can now buy one and try yourself.


IMG_0135 (3).JPG


15 thoughts on “A Personal Review of Thompson Tee and Sweatshield Undershirts

  1. I tried these shirts, bought two v’necks as undershirts for work. I was super excited, and wanted them to work but they just didn’t, infact they made things worse! The underarm pads would get very saturated (got so heavy as to become uncomfortable, like walking around with a wet washcloth under your arms all day), which led to my sweat stains reaching the arm of the thompson, they did nothing to help prevent sweat stains on my workshirts (except maybe delay for 30min), and worst of all they would stink! Stink so bad that I offended myself after only a couple hr’s of wearing. I washed the shirts after every use (out of necessity), only put them on after my morning shower, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Everyone else seems to love them, I must be missing something.

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    1. Sounds unusual yes. Couple of quick questions, no expert, will try help. How heavy an underam sweater are you and id you buy the bamboo/slim fit models, assume you bought Thompsons not sweatshields. The Reddit website is a good place to head to as well.


      1. I think I would be considered to be an excessive sweater, never went to a doctor for this though. I have been known to sweat through undershirt, buttondown, vest, AND suitcoat while being sedentary. I did buy the slimfit Thompsons. The worst part was the smell, it was awful. I found that merino wool button downs do a far better job, I can actually wear them multiple days in a row, as with these I would turn ripe after 3hrs.

        Do these shirts ever dry out during the day? I feel like after 1hr it felt heavy and soaked and continued to feel that way all day long.

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      2. Interesting, potentially you sweat too much for Thompsons as you have read, if they work they are amazing but if they don’t then they don’t. Would suggest you join the reddit sub, link in the review, so real sufferers in there and a place you can ask questions in safety. HH is a bitch!!!


  2. I was lucky to find your article! I read different reviews for this type of product but after reading yours, I gave the sweatshield t-shirt a try and never looked back! I don’t even mind the low scoop neck, I actually prefer it. I can comfortably wear it under an office shirt. Thank you so much for your review!

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    1. Glad the review was of use. I prefer V neck and am 100% there now as I like the fact that when I wear a work shirt without a tie the undershirt is not visible. Personal preference.


  3. I tested these Sweatshirt t-shirts to save on shipping (really awesome deal, by the way) and was afraid they would feel bulky as you said they do. So I don’t know if I’m built differently or what’s going on, but they feel like the softest most comfortable t-shirts ever. I hope I won’t have to spend as much on buying shirts now! Cheers lad!

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  4. Thank you so much nothing810 – this is the review I’ve been looking for! I too discovered Thompson Tee’s a couple of years ago and have nothing but praise for them! The only negative for us UK based folk is the prohibitive shipping costs and subsequent import bill as mentioned. Hence my internet search bringing me to the sweatshield product and then your valued review. I’m now leaning towards paying the premium for Thompson again but look forward to that UK distribution channel! Kind regards…Anthony

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    1. Anthony, Thank you for commenting. I get stats on the blog and lots read but no one asks questions. Maybe I am just a brilliant writer!! As the blog shows I found a cheaper way to ship over and then got a call from the shipping firm for the vat, I wasn’t expecting that. I can afford the overall cost of Thompson Tee v Sweatshield but if you can’t then sweatshield does work. I can justify the cost on 2 fronts, I spend a lot less on work shirts, the arm pits don’t get destroyed. 2nd my mental health. For the next 3 days I have to be in conference situations all day. To know that I don’t have to worry about my clothes takes such pressure off me. Thats a price worth paying for.


  5. Thanks very much for the review…one thing i found about Thompson Tees is that they turn a nasty yellow color very quickly and you can kind of see that in your picture. Have you had any problem with this issue?

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    1. Thanks for reading..

      Can’t say I have noticed. One did turn yellow but that was my wifes fault for what she washed them with!! Initially we followed the washing instructions but of late they just go in with the other whites. They are not pristine white but neither are the Sweatshields. I never wear them as visible so not a huge issue and I never wear white work shirts so the undershirt isn’t visible. Have had my 1st 5 Thompson Tee’s nearly a year, they have taken an absolute hammering but they don’t smell. Might look to throw them all in the bin later this year and replace with 5 fresh. My work shirts don’t get sweaty so I am not replacing them now as often, if at all since I found Thompson Tee and Sweatshield. Undershirts are cheaper than work shirts? I still have 5 Sweatshield shirts I wear on occasion, no point throwing out but I use them when i am out ofr a 1/2 day, if travelling all day I always go to the Thompsons.


  6. 21/04/2016. Update

    Was in America last week on business so took the chance to buy some new Thompson Tee’s with a twist. Also having them shipped to the hotel i was staying and got me free postage.

    The twist is………. By nature I am a large, so have 5 x large bamboo v necks. These are great under work shirts but under polo t shirts outside of work the arm is nearly showing. I have now bought 4 x mediums. The body fit is fine as the bamboo stretches, however the arm length is shorter so i will keep these for when I wear short sleeved casual tops.

    Also flew long haul last week for the 1st time in a long time. from leaving home to arriving in destination was 24 hours and 2 x flights. Normally I would stink or feel awful after 24 hours of having my arms tight by my side like you have on a flight. Wore one under shirt for the trip and no issue. Felt much more at ease when travelling.

    Feel free to ask any questions. All anon don’t be embarrassed. Hyperhydrosis is an awful condition, this does help.


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